January 13, 2016

Are YOU up for a Challenge?!

I found this on Pinterest, and of course, this will be the kickoff of my new workout regimen!!! Who's with me?

June 1, 2014

New Job...New Building...New Fitness Center!

Long story short, I left my awful job and crazy a$$ manager after 1 year and 9 months.  Yay me and thank you Jesus!  My new job is at a company that I tried to get into a couple times since my lay off in June 2012.  It's in a building similar to the one I use to work in AND THEY ARE BUILDING A FITNESS CENTER!  I'm super stoked and will be spending my lunch hour there EVERYDAY, just like old times.  I will now have something to update on my blog...MY PROGRESS and health related stuff.  I've been in this whole fitness slump because of my back issues (which I will always have) and no fitness center :-(

In my LMFAO "Shots" tune....

Pump pump pump pump pump pump
Pump pump pump pump pump
Pump pump pump pump pump

Everybody [x2]

If you ain't getting ripped get the heck out the club
If you ain't pumpin' weights get the heck out the club
If you ain't come to workout get the heck out the club
Now where my workout-holics let me see ya push up

What you drinkin' on?
Protein Shakes
Coconut Water
Chocolate Milk
Plain 'ole Water
So many choices
I don't binge

Forgive me, LOL...I'm just being silly because I'm super excited about the fitness center!

BTW..I got a Nike Fuel Band for my b-day in April, I'll definitely give this little thing a run for it's money! :-)

February 21, 2014

When All Else Fails...Order the Kids Meal!

This morning I was rushing and skipped making lunch 😔. This is always a big mistake for me because #1, I hate going out for lunch, and #2, mostly everything is unhealthy at the fast good restaurants, so it's always a struggle to figure out what I want. 

I ended up at Buona Beef and decided on the kids meals; mini beef, sm. fries, & sm. drink (the meal was $5.90 with tax, I had hot peppers added). This is by far anywhere near healthy, but a full size meal with a regular size beef, fries, and drink would have me consuming way more of everything. 

So when all else fails...order the kids meal!  It's the perfect portion for adults too 😃. 

February 12, 2014

Biggest Loser Food Scale

This scale has been a lifesaver, as well as my BFF!  I don't know how I survived before.  Believe me when I say you can definitely under estimate how much food you're consuming, when you're not weighing your food.  In addition to the scale I use measuring cups and spoons which helps with an add on like sugar...yes, I prefer REAL sugar (I just can't get into the sugar substitute thing unless it's my fav Crystal Light).  I don't use my scale as much as I use to, but it still gets plenty of usage.  If you're really serious about portion control and/or looking to lose those few extra pounds you can't seem to drop, invest in a food scale...you won't regret it!

January 20, 2014

ZUMBA Fitness

I wrote a short blog in September stating that I had just become a certified Zumba fitness instructor. What I didn't mention was...drum roll please...I've NEVER taken a Zumba class!!!  (Silence...birds chirping). Surprised huh?  well I'm very sporadic like that!  I love fitness and the Zumba concept will go great with my personal training business. 

Since September I've been a little disappointed because I found it hard, I've come to the realization that it should be hard for someone that's never taken a class before. It's like getting into a car for the first time, riding a bike for the first time, or roller skating for the first time. Practice makes perfect. 

October was awesome because the Zumba home office announced a mentoring program for newbies or instructors that have never taught a class before. It took a few months to gets things together on their end and it was well worth the wait. I have a great mentor who has really help me to start a patch to launching my Zumba business. I'm super excited and can't wait. 

I will keep you all updated on my progress. Btw...I didn't realize that Zumba could make your body sore. Yep...I'm achy today, but that's good because my muscles are getting stronger!!!  I can't wait to gain the muscle mass I had before I had to stop working out (that's another story for another time). 

Please excuse any typos or lines that don't make sense...I'm typing on my iPhone and I'm at work trying not to get caught...lol. 

December 10, 2013

It's Been a While

I've been so preconsumed with random stuff that I've totally neglected blogging-which I dearly miss. 

I got a little irritated and since everyone is working I need to vent and thought about my dear old friend blogger. I'm still on my healthy kick, I will always promote health before pleasure. I'd rather be healthy than to be over weight and suffer a heart attack because I chose to clog my arteries. 

Why I'm irritated? A co-worker says to another co-worker that she has the buttery popcorn that they like to eat. One of them don't care for my 100 calorie snack size packs (which has butter by the way) because they're too healthy!!! Huh?!?!  So she responded with, there's no need to eat popcorn if it doesn't have butter and the other agreed. 

Uhhhh....wow this is coming from 2 over weight individuals, one elderly and the other with diabetes. I don't talk about people and their weight, I was once slightly over weight. But how do you speak negative about someone doing something positive. It may have been a joke, but I don't take jokes lightly when it comes to health. 

My goal is to transform minds, lives, and bodies through a weight loss/healthy eating life style change. I'm sorry, but why leave your family prematurely because you made bad decisions on your diet!!!

That is all!  Thanks for listening...lol

September 19, 2013

Zumba Fitness

I'm excited to announce that I'm a licensed Zumba Fitness instructor. I can't want to start teaching classes!!!